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Best Tips to keep your JOINTS Healthy

Keep Your Joints Healthy
Joints are that connecting bones which help us in moving our body. From waving a bye to picking up a paper from the ground or even nodding a yes, joints help us us to do them. To keep doing these actions, we have to strengthen our joints and ligaments. 

So, what is a ligament? Ligaments are cords of connective tissue composed primarily of collagen that bind one bone to another, and in the process form an area of relative mobility, known as a joint or articulation. It is these ligaments that work to support the joints when we do any actions. It’s always a wise decision to strengthen the joints and ligaments to be active throughout. So, let’s see how to strengthen these joints and ligaments.

STEP 1. We have to move ourselves frequently in order to avoid the ligament cramps or muscle pulls. Keeping yourself locked in one position for more than 20 minutes can result in ligamentous creep, a permanent elongation of vital stabilizing ligaments, says Dr. Stuart McGill of the University of Waterloo. Stretch yourselves, do mini exercises so you keep yourself in action and you strengthen your ligaments and joints.

STEP 2. Use multiple joint exercises like the push-up, pull-up, lunge, squat, and deadlift with moderate resistance for sets up to 12 repetitions for the best effect. Lift weights with less kilos and slowly increase them.

STEP 3. Wear supportive shoes. Exercise the muscles around the joints to keep them strong. Warm up by stretching out, walking or jogging before exercising. And after exercising also perform stretches to cool down.

These ae some of the simple steps that can be done to strengthen the joints and ligaments.

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