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15 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important For Good Health

why exercise is important for good health
    Our bodies’ are wonderful tools that were made to move. Here you will learn why exercise
    is important for 
good health because without proper exercise and regular activity our
    bodies begin to wear down (like a 
machine) and poor health develops.

15 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important For Good Health (i.e Get Moving & Stay Moving!)

1. Prevents Coronary Artery/Heart Disease: Heart disease is the number 1 cause of deaths
    in Australians. It 
has been shown that only 30minutes of moderate activity (walking
    counts!) most days of the week can assist with strengthening muscles and improve heart
     health why exercise is important for good health

2. Reduces Osteoporosis Risk: As we age our bone density begins to reduce, therefore
    increasing the risk of 
falls, fracture and other trauma. Engaging in regular cardiovascular
    and resistance based 
exercise helps improve bone mineral density

3. Lowers Blood Pressure: Suffering high blood pressure (also referred to as Hypertension)
    contributes to deve
loping heart disease. Aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, running,
    sprinting) improves heart flow

4. Weight Loss/Maintenance: When exercise is used in combination with a well rounded
    balanced healthy diet los
ing weight or maintaining a healthy weight range becomes
    easier. Individuals with excessive fat accumulation 
contributes to premature death,
    diabetes and many other co-morbidities

5. Improved Muscle Tone: Exercise assists with improving muscle strength, mass and
    tone. We all want that beach 
body look in Summer-time!

6. Enhanced Quality Of Life: Exercise has been shown to increase the amount of ‘good
    hormones’ circulating your 
body makes us happier and enjoy life more

7. Enhanced Flexibility: Without proper movement our bodies tend to lose its normal
    flexibility. Improving your
flexibility is just one more reason to get moving.

8. Lowers Stress Levels: Exercise lowers Cortisol – ‘the stress hormone’

9. Increases Energy: Exercise improves blood flow therefore improves the level of
    glucose within your body whi
ch is the predominate fuel of choice to burn energy

10. Supports health Brain Function: Exercise increases circulating chemicals within 
      brain that assist with formulating new brain cells and neuron activity. Just like
      weight lifting makes us stronger, exercise makes 
your brain stronger.

11. Boost’s Self Esteem: As we set personal benchmarks and our next target to crack
      our self esteem is boosted 
when we reach these milestones

12. Improves Sleep: Individuals who suffer sleeping problems may wish to try a drug-
      free, natural alternative 
like exercise. Exercise physically taxes our bodies making
      us tired and needing immediate recovery

13. Reduces Alzheimer’s Disease Risk: Recent research has suggested that exercise is
      potentially the best defence
 against Alzheimer’s disease

14. Fights Depression & Anxiety: Just like boosting your self esteem and reducing your
      stress…these chemicals 
are involved with fighting off depression and anxiety. Just
      another reason why exercise is important for 
good health.

15. Delays Signs Of Aging: Being sedentary (that is not exercising) has been shown to
      rapidly increase the 
aging process of the body. We all want that 30 look when we
      are 40 so start exercising!

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