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How to find your road to happiness

Happiness is not yet fully understood by scientists as much of the concepts of happiness have nothing to do with science. However, there are some steps and practices to observe to find your happiness quotient as happy people are more likely to become unhappy to perceive themselves as well as the world around them. The following tips would help you in finding your road to happiness and these include-

Look for the positive things that mean seeing the future with optimism. It is important to write down your hopes for the future by creating goals and mini goals and go after them. If any thoughts are pulling you down then replace them with more positive things to be happier.

Developing relationships especially with friends and family members would make you happier. Research does suggest that strong and supportive relationship with your friends and family or with people who share your thoughts and appreciate life will help you make happier.

Being physically active by doing exercises regularly would help you in preventing and managing your negative emotions. A workout/physical exercise with regularity would make your body fit and fine and help you start to feel better about your life and your body.

Express gratitude as it is a great medicine or antidote in controlling your anger and bitterness. Practicing or expressing sincere gratitude by sending gifts to your friends or people who helped you in making your life better and happier is one of the best ways to make you happy.  

Offering help to others such as elderly or those with physical disabilities would help you to be happier. It also helps you strengthen your social networks and gives people another reason to like you.   

Forgiveness, when nurtured as a habit, would help you in gaining higher self-esteem and more joy and happiness in your life. It is tough to forgive when you have egoistic thinking but you can still practice forgiveness by writing a letter (even when actually not sent) to the person who you really hate. These are some of the tips that would help you in finding the road to your happiness.

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